Mob Psycho 100 Episode 8 Subbed

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  • Cyrus Santiago

    this kid is pretty extremely powerful huh?

  • Matthew Guillory

    I love this anime and the fans they have I mean look at the comment below me…

  • Yup man

    Pure genius lol

  • complainer

    why does the blonde suddenly know about a group organization with 100 espers when just a few episodes ago he thought he was a special snowflake and the only one with esper powers
    did i miss something

    • Pre Tma

      He knew of them even then, remember he asked Mob “Are you a natural ?” Implying that he thought he was one of the “manufactured children” from Claw

  • Omar Ayach

    If i get the chance i’ll slap Mob in the face and wake him up from his slumber … you got psychic powers ! the fuck USE THEM, just if that fake guy that i cant remember his name did not exist …