Mob Psycho 100 Episode 12 Subbed

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  • AnimeLover

    we all know

  • Moritz Zumm

    The last episode was all about building up tension for this final episode, my expectations are high and I’m too impatient…

    • Sterblight

      I’ve never been so impatient for an anime episode in my life. COME OUT NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

      • Mayui Yukisaki

        i feel ya

        • Hell No

          and just like that =) wasted 8h of my life waiting for a shitty episode

  • SEASON 2!!!!!

  • Mysteriousstranger52

    WTF! i thought MOB would go super crazy >_<

    • Izayoi Sakamaki

      Yep same I’m disappointed

  • funnygameboy


  • Gon Freecss

    THE MOST DISAPPOINTING SEASON FINAL YOU CAN GET, caps on to increase the intensity of my disappointment.

  • Hotarou

    Makes me sad people don’t get the meaning behind this last episode. And why mob did not go full on 100% on the claw members. Are people really that dense?

    • Jordi Hernandez Balcazar

      they are that dense and probably fans of typical shounen anime

    • Bruce Lee Roy

      cause mob would have ripped them apart but so what fuck all that smooth shit .

  • Jordi Hernandez Balcazar

    people getting mad that Mob didnt went 100% missed the entire point of the series

    • VIII Hyacinthe


    • Sterblight

      I mean the hype was crazy but I do understand how great the ending was with Reigen’s speech and all but I guess it’s just not the ending I wanted…
      I think I’d be happy if they didn’t go and make out that Mob explodes in the preview. I don’t like being hyped up for an entire week to only be let down even if the ending is great in less exciting ways.

      • VIII Hyacinthe

        read the manga all your questions will be answered lol or wait until the start of season ^^

        • Sterblight

          I think I will go ahead and read the manga 🙂 What chapter should I start from?

          • VIII Hyacinthe

            well i’m on chapter 57, i think from this episode you’d be at or about chapter 47

          • VIII Hyacinthe

            love mob knew they’d close it on 12 episodes especially w/ One Punch coming back

        • Michael Nazario

          me too

    • Christian Mendøza

      Most people are psychopaths where they want every protagonists to go 1000%. Or most animes do that thing. I love this anime I’m so happy I found it.

    • Bruce Lee Roy

      it was a gay ending period.

    • Matthew Whatever

      I agree. I was a lot type sad that we didn’t get to see his full powers, but once I realized that reigen was just using mobs powers, I enjoyed it better than I would’ve if it was mob.

  • Ivan Lukanin

    I had so mach hope that MOB would go 100% and kick the CLAW asses… but well… the makers desided that psichological meaning and peace is more important than the action and fighting…. well.. it’s up to them I guess..

  • LO VE

    just like crawl son to mob remember when he said i’m disappointed in you to mob at least the author knew what he was doing playing with are expectations so i’m sure he will make up for this. and if you really think about it if mob did go crazy it be over in a instant especially since he would of been emotionally unstable he probably rip people in have to nothingness

  • VIII Hyacinthe

    read the manga lol , its important that mob didn’t go psycho he learned something more valuable. Beyond that, the results w/ his master were way more entertaining that mob just wrecking everyone a usual . ^^

  • Cătălin Ionel Pahonţu

    I get the moral reason for not beating the Claw members to shit. Yet I was dissapointed in this episode. I expected One to have something flashy. Don’t get me wrong, this episode was all right for something in the middle of the season — a normal, decent, plot twist episode. But for the end of the series (for who knows how many years, if they ever make a sequel?) , it was 100% unacceptable. (see what I did there 😛 ) Althought I overall like this series. I’d give it a 8.5/10.

  • tenzou’s brother

    People are disappointed? We’ve seen MOB go 100% a few times, but Reigen-san going 1000% was the highlight of this final chapter. And MOB’s 100% Gratitude was 5/7! People are clearly not reading the manga. KUDOS ONE!

  • AnimeLover

    i was so hyped for mob’s explosion but it was still fun watching mobs master beats them

  • Brandon Bent

    Dude read the manga it will explain and why are yoi disappointed

  • Jaime Badger

    Mob the crusader

  • FelisWhite06

    Okay, the greatness that is ONE-sensei was able to convey a great lesson by having Reigen finish the fight.
    But those that are (bizarrely) disappointed by the lack of MURDEROUS INTENT Mob, let me explain you a thing: If Mob unleashed something that bad, the fight would have been incredible, but far worse than what ??? Mob did to Hanazawa and his whole school. SADNESS Mob was able to put the landscape back right again, giving him another chance to change himself and Hanazawa. There would have been no coming back if MURDEROUS INTENT Mob had been set loose; Mob would have broken beyond anyone’s help if he had given in.
    Maybe you guys wanted an epic fight, but if you honestly care for Mob, you shouldn’t be upset or disappointed. This is a great ending to the first series. If you want fighting and battles of impossible feats, you should look into fights in the manga.
    That shit will mess you up.

  • Marco Olano Jara

    Lets all be honest this was way better than if Mob went 1000% cause if he did it wouldn’t have been a fight it would’ve been over in a second. Reigen with no malicious intent took them out easily Mob with malicious intent would’ve been pure slaughter

  • Kyrie Mikomi

    I feel like it should have been apparent that if Mob were to go 100% in a state of rage, it would be the end of the anime. There’d be nothing left to continue with, and we’d be left with a sour note that ultimately would mean everything up unto this point would be meaningless. This isn’t Elfen Lied. Leave your reason for absolute carnage at the door.

  • Bruce Lee Roy

    im sorry I thought this was Mob Psycho 100 not Reigen Psycho 100

  • FACE

    People are never satisfied. Pity…
    Kudos to the creators and I thank them for all their hard work! Without them this amazing Manga/Anime wouldn’t exist and people forget that. I will continue to watch the series with peeked interest.

  • Matthew Guillory

    Man comeonn I mean it’s a great story and all but I got fucking teased that’s messed up ;(

  • Richard Esquivel

    Superb anime. One of the greatest of all-time. Ending was fantastic! Cheers!

  • Alexander Min

    You all are stupid for not seeing what the writers are trying to do. Obviously you all want your quick stimuli satisfaction but theres a certain thing called systematic build up. You should appreciate that season two is going to be even more awesome because of the suspense of Mob actually showing the extent of his true power. Plus, there’s still room to grow. Now we know that the Scars, leader and father of that other strong esper is coming into the picture. Mob is still going to need to step it up. We saw this when he ran out of juice and that powerful esper had to jump in and kill the division leader. Plus we can see that Taro is going to train the weaker espers and make them stronger so they can be more formitable. Its all in the making. Be patient.

  • Jay Black

    don’t think i’ll ever get tired of this or OPM

  • ForestGreen

    Okay, I haven’t watched the full ep, yet. But it’s like they introduced characters, advanced their story and made the audience feel for them….

    Then said “Absolutely fuck all

    Whatta bout all of those students who were accused?? What about Onigawara(?), who’s had his entire school life ruined?!?! DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT IS TO HAVE A PERFECT ATTENDANCE RECORD FOR TWO YEARS STRAIGHT??? And although liked to fight, but all around he was a decent guy.

    That student prez kind of got what he deserved (I wished for more), but I also need that annoying family of his to be punished too.

    And the there’s the Body improvemnet club…

    No unresolved plots there. I just wanna see them again.

  • Jay Brown

    Loved the ending! Can’t wait til season 2!

  • adel

    soooo, who’s the guy in the ending of episode 5, you know the one who throw mob to the floor

    • Xander G. Matsuki

      That was just a random bully, dude. He’s irrelevant.

  • Victor Rogan

    god i love Reigen as a character hes great XD

  • Anime Lover

    I need a season 2