Mob Psycho 100 Episode 11 Subbed

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  • you nawwwmee


    • you nawwwmee

      fuck its just another build up

  • Franken391

    Cant wait to see episode 12…

  • AnimeLover

    Wow lol that cliff hanger though

  • Allen Walker

    the master of mob-kun is a dope guy, somehow the serious humour make me laugh so hard

  • Justthatguy

    this is so good, first everyone thinks reigen is just a scammer, but during the series didnt exorcise ghosts by himself but actually did good things and helped his clients in other ways up to this moment, where he got the courage to face those criminals even without own powers and even more important, he tries to keep mob to his ideals of not hurting others with his power even when everyone is fighting and he could die… respect to reigen and the author

  • Artho Chakravorthy

    Did Reigen seriously die? I have a feeling mob’s gonna explode bad and then he’s gonna put a permanent ban on his powers because his master’s final words were to not use his powers especially to hurt others.

  • Stefan Mathijssen

    the manga gave feels at ritsus crying part but this is even worse

  • Obitobito

    Good, that I started to watch this since yesterday. Couldn’t wait any longer for the finale than this. I’m Already at 100% of ragemode! xD

  • Jaime Badger

    This is the bizzomb yo